Telephone conferencing

Ely Call - Telephone conferencing Facility

The Diocesan Office has acquired a telephone conferencing service. The system has been set to allow up to 20 (twenty) people to participate in a single conference call at an agreed time. There is provision for up to 5 (five) concurrent conferences to be taking place.

Booking Process

  • To book a conference call the person chairing the meeting should contact the reception staff at the Diocesan Office (01353 652700) or email
  • Bookings will be made for each conference call in half hour blocks. It is recognised that the duration of the call will not always adhere to the reserved time, so every effort will be made to ensure there is flexibility in the network to accommodate potential overruns.
  • After booking you will receive an email confirming the booking and giving details of the two 4 (four) digit codes necessary to access the conference call. (The "CONFERENCE ROOM ID" and the "CONFERENCE PiN NUMBER")
  • These numbers are allocated to you by reception.
  • It is the responsibility of the conference call organiser to ensure that attendees are aware of the time of the conference call and the necessary codes to access the conference call.