Help with Childcare Costs

Childcare Vouchers

We offer a Childcare Voucher Scheme through our payroll. It is a salary sacrifice scheme which means you save tax and National Insurance on your monthly childcare costs.

The money is paid into an account with a company called Edenred and can be used to pay towards your childcare costs.

Childcare voucher schemes is being phased out by HMRC and is now closed to new entrants. For the latest information see the website.

Tax-Free Childcare, an alternative

The Government has introduced an alternative called tax-free childcare which is independent from payroll. You set up an account and every time you pay money in, the Government will top it up by 20%. The money can then be used to pay for approved childcare. It offers greater flexibility as you don’t need to pay in a fixed monthly amount and the potential savings are greater for those with high childcare costs. You will need to check that you meet the eligibility criteria and that the childcare provider is able to accept payments via tax-free childcare.

There is a lot of useful information on and there is a link to a calculator to help you work out what you are entitled to and to help you decide which scheme will be best for you and your family. Please note you cannot participate in both schemes so if you decide to join tax-free childcare you must leave our childcare voucher scheme and would not be able to rejoin. You will need to send us an email confirming the reason you need to leave the scheme within 90 days.

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