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Diocese of Ely's Ethical Approach

The Diocese of Ely is fortunate in having an investment portfolio, whose purpose is to generate income to support the ministry of the Church.

The income is used to support payments of stipends to clergy (and hence clergy numbers), the work of the Board of Finance and Board of Education, and for other general purposes.

It is therefore incumbent on the Diocese to manage its investments in accordance with this duty. Thus, the Diocese’s Investment Policy (which is to maximise a sustainable level of income, while at the same time protecting the long term capital value of its assets) is subject to its Ethical Investment Policy, and the latter takes priority over the former.

You can ream more about the Ethical Investment Policy, its Implementation, Environment and Sustainability commitments and achieving Net Zero by 2030, including how the Ely Diocesan Board of Finance (EDBF) has now fully disinvested from all direct oil and mining companies, on the Diocese of Ely's Ethical Approach page here.



Page last updated: Monday 20th March 2023 2:51 AM
First published on: 20th March 2023
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