Growing in Faith

The Growing Faith Adventure is a call for the renewal of hearts and minds so that it becomes second nature to include and value children, young people and households in every aspect of church life for the lifelong formation of faith in the whole of life. 

Growing Faith promotes a partnership between the three communities of Church, School and Household to enable the discovery, exploration and growth of faith for all in those communities.

Growing Faith Principles

  • Connected Communities: looking for the meaningful connected community of faith in the intersection between church, school and households.
  • Spiritual Encounters: engaging in conversations about and expressing faith as people encounter God as individuals and together.
  • Imaginative Practices: searching for a new way of being church and creating new thinking and new doing in relation to children, young people and households.

Available research evidence offers a set of predictions expected to emerge and be evident in any community that has raised its expectations of children and young people. The process can be summarised as:

Question: How do church communities increase and improve the exploration of faith with their children and young people?

The thinking is: Bringing the 3 communities where children and young people live, into some kind of partnership will grow in faith. (General Synod Paper 2021)

Growing Faith Champion

Our Diocesan Growing Faith Champion is the Archdeacon of Cambridge: The Ven, Alex Hughes.

The Diocesan Officers particularly charged with the work are:

  • Diocesan Board of Education Partner: The Revd Sue Martin.

Further information

More information can be found on the Going For Growth website.

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