Everyday Faith

Everyday Faith

As part of the Ely2025 Diocesan Strategy, Everday Faith seeks to help nurture a confident people of God, through supporting people in their everyday faith and life.

The report Setting God’s People Free (Archbishop’s Council 2017, General Synod report GS 2056) reminds us that the majority of people in the Church of England are lay people who spend most of their waking hours not engaged in Church-related activities.

Our challenge, therefore, is to support people in the parts of their lives which are spent being active Christians in a wide range of contexts – at work, in education, in the family, or in the community. Everyday Faith lies under the Diocesan Lever to Nurchure a confident people of God.


The Diocese of Ely often includes the hashtag (#) in the name to encourage you talk on social media about all aspects of bringing 'Everyday Faith' to life wherever you are. Anyone can track posts with particular hashtags (where social media settings of the individuals permit it) and learn about what's happening all around the Diocese.

Everyday Faith Sunday

The Diocese of Ely has marked 23 February 2020 as Everyday Faith Sunday. Your church may like to consider having Everyday Faith as the preaching theme that day.


Follow think link to see more resources from 'Theology of Work', including liturgical materials and bible studies etc.

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