Spiritual Accompaniment - Sharing the journey

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual ‘direction’ can be a misleading term, but it is often the one that helps people most to understand the concept of one prayerful Christian who has some training and insight being prepared to spend time with another on their spiritual journey. 

The purpose of it is to help another in their walk with God:

  • when there are particular challenges
  • when there may be a particular call from God; or:
  • just in the day to day journey of prayer and service. 

It is a ministry of listening, reflecting and encouraging and is always strictly confidential.

Spiritual directors who are registered with the Ely Diocese will:

  • have undertaken some training with Cambridgeshire Courses in Spiritual Direction (CCSD) or another approved training course
  • have been recommended by their tutors
  • or will be experienced spiritual listeners
  • continue to learn and undertake supervision for the work they do
  • have their own spiritual director
  • be able to produce references if required

How to contact a spiritual director

If you would like to be put in touch with someone who may be suitable to be your spiritual director, please think about the questions below and then contact one of the people listed opposite. They meet as a team monthly together with Jane Keiller, the Spirituality Officer, to pray, and endeavour to match enquirers with available spiritual directors. They will suggest a name to you and you can then discern whether this person is right for you. 

Some directors make a charge for this ministry: others do not.  This would be discussed before or at the first meeting, as will the place and frequency of meetings.

To aid this process you will be sent a form to complete. In the meantime the following questions might help you as you think about the sort of person who might suit you as your spiritual director:

If there is a choice would you prefer:

  • a man/woman?
  • lay/ordained/ or member of religious community?
  • a particular denomination/tradition?
  • someone older/younger than you? 


  • can you travel to meet your director or will they need to be local?
  • have you had spiritual direction before?

Spiritual direction contacts

We would prefer to hear from you.

If you are interested in training in spiritual direction, please contact:

Staying close to God

  • Who will listen to me?
  • Who will listen with me?
  • Who will share my joys and sorrows?
  • Who will accept my questions?
  • Who will hear my doubts?

The Spirituality Advisory Group (SPAG) of the Diocese of Ely, in collaboration with the Cambridgeshire Courses in Spirituality and Spiritual Direction (CCSD), aims to promote an ecumenical ministry of spiritual direction in the area.

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