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Children and Families Ministry Training

Please do get in touch with Ruth New, our Development Officer for Children and Families for support and information on training available with a specialism for children and families.

Ruth can be contacted on

Personal Accounts

Some comments from attendees on previous Children and Families' ALM courses:

"It is brilliant to have the time and space to learn, grow and reflect upon your ministry to children. You will learn so much from some outstanding practitioners with experience in many different areas. You will delve into the theory behind nurturing children’s spirituality but you will also be given a treasure trove of practical tips to dip into!

The supportive network of other trainees also provides the perfect environment for you to grow and develop your own practice. In essence, the Children and Families' ALM course is simply marvellous!"

"I thought I understood children, and this would be a formality. But I have had so much fun, gained new knowledge and new friends and have loved every minute of the process. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is already working with children and young people, if only to cement the knowledge you have. I am going to miss our Wednesday nights, what will I do?"

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