Preacher ALM Course

Training for those who an incumbent identifies as having potential to become an ALM preacher.

The next course is starting in January 2024, these sessions all take place on Zoom and begin at 6.45pm, with the final session being in-person at Ely.

Contact for more information or to book on to future courses.

Course outline

Session 1

  • What is Worship?

Session 2

  • What is preaching?

Session 3: 

  • How do we use Scripture in preaching?

Session 4

  • How do we interpret Scripture for today?

Session 5

  • Why the way we tell the Good News matters

Session 6

  • How to make sure the sermon connects to where the congregation is

Session 7

  • Shaping the Sermon

Session 8

  • Performance

Session 9

  • Knowing the hearers and developing tools to enable the hearers to complete the story

Session 10

  • Preaching the sermon
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First published on: 31st August 2023
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