Is Christianity true?

For 2000 years, Christianity has been challenged:

  • Was Jesus a real person?
  • Did he do the things they say about him?
  • Was he unique?
  • Did he die? And come back alive?

Millions continue to trust and believe in him, as told through the Gospels (the first books in the New Testament part of the Bible).

What is the evidence?

Here are some books written about the evidence for Jesus and for God that the authors found convincing.

  • Who moved the stone? By Frank Morrison
  • The Empty Cross of Jesus. By Michael Green
  • The Jesus Inquest. By Charles Foster

Even the book (and film) Ben Hur, whose central character is profoundly affected by the life of Jesus, was written after a sceptical Lew Wallace reviewed the Gospels and became persuaded Christianity was true. This explains why the climax of the film is not the chariot race, which happens an hour before the end of the film.)

Philosophical arguments

  • The Case for God. By Peter S Williams
  • There is a God. By Antony Flew. (An influential Atheist, who converted.)
  • Evidence for God. Edited by William A Dembski & Michael R Licona

Does it work?

  • UnApologetic. Why, despite everything, Christianity can still make surprising emotional sense. By Francis Spufford
  • Mere Christianity. By C. S. Lewis
  • Simply Christian. By N.T. Wright
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First published on: 22nd April 2019
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