What people say about the course

The course gave me the confidence to discuss my faith and to ask questions.
I learned a lot, not just about the Old Testament, which I was rusty on, but about myself and where I want to go in my faith.
The course gave me a new understanding of how Scripture can form part of day-to-day prayer and spirituality, without neglecting the historical and critical context of the biblical writings. It has opened up a rich exploration for me.
I did not join the course with definite plans for a formal role, but I am now reflecting on how to best focus my contribution to church life.
I feel that I have now studied the Bible at a different level and would like to continue.
It was a wonderful mixture of thought provoking material, with some fun, and some helpful meditations.
The greatest benefit was meeting with others from different church traditions and finding lots of common ground.
I gained a greater understanding of what God wants from me and learnt things that I had not even considered.
I appreciated having the opportunity to focus on aspects of the Bible that were new to me or that I had not thought about for a long time.