Vocation Resources

Growing as a Disciple Course

Contact: discipleship@elydiocese.org

Vocation Stories in the Bible

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People’s Vocation Stories

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Vocation Process

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Vocations Team

The Vocations Team - Vocation Advisers

Ely Diocese has a team of people, both lay and ordained, who are experienced in listening to those who wish to be considered for a formal ministry in the Church.

You would meet with them regularly and be able to discuss what you have been reflecting on so far. The Vocation Adviser will help you in preparation to explore a particular ministry in more detail.

However, this does not necessarily have to lead to a formal ministry, but instead may give you a new ‘vision’ for a role in your church, community, work or home.

Contact the Vocations’ Team via: vocations@elydiocese.org