Criminal justice

Criminal Justice is an integral part of our everyday life at a personal, national and international level, but for some reason it does not carry a high priority in many Christian circles.

The way we respond to criminal justice issues moulds our society for the future and is a reflection of our morality and treatment of our fellow human beings.

The core aim of the diocesan Criminal Justice Forum is to work at raising awareness of current and long-term issues. We also provide information so that people can make educated decisions and if necessary challenge policies.

The group consists of members with a range of connections and involvement across the criminal justice system. Traditionally there is a strong affiliation with 'prison issues ' especially as there are two prisons in our area. HMP Whitemoor, which is a maximum security prison for men in Category A and B is situated near the town of March. HMP Littlehey is an adult category C training prison for men, near Huntingdon

There are several meetings throughout the year some of which are advertised as 'open meetings ' with speakers and an opportunity for discussion and debate.

The Chair of the Criminal Justice Forum is the Revd David Kinder, Chaplain at HMP Littlehey.