The language you use

The language you use

Decide exactly what you want to communicate and speak and write clearly so that everyone can easily understand. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and try to use a language and writing style that would work best for them. Plain 'spoken' English that is direct and concise will help a news story or press release appear friendly and welcoming.

Some hints to help

  • Be positive. Leave your audience with a clear picture of what you want to say.
  • Be specific
  • Use active verbs, rather than passive.
  • Use concrete words, don't be vague.
  • Keep your text factual.
  • Give examples, illustrate and be clear about what you are saying.
  • Personalise. People like to know about people. So, if you can make your point from a human interest angle, it's more likely to be read. Your own experiences can add authenticity and authority.
  • Tell a story. Look for one that illustrates the point that you want to make. Illustrate rather than explain.
  • Steer clear of acronyms whenever possible.
  • Use bite-size sentences. Keep them simple, short and punchy.
  • And finally, ask someone to proofread your work.

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