Contactless Giving and Card Readers

Contactless Giving and Card Readers

Although regular giving is the bedrock of support for most churches, one-off donations are a very useful additional supplement to this.

Enabling people to make one-off donations ‘digitally’ (i.e. without cash) can really increase the amount a church can raise for specific appeals and one-off events. Accepting card payments is one such way to encourage ‘digital’ giving in an increasingly cashless society.

For information about different types of ‘digital’ giving, visit the Digital Giving page of the Parish Resources website.

Information about accepting card payments – including a helpful ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQs) document – can be found on the Parish Resources website.

A growing range of card reader terminals are available on the market. Card readers and contactless donation units can be purchased at a discount through the Parish Buying service, visit their website here to learn more. On this site you will also find a questionnaire designed to help you think about and choose the right solution for your church.

To view pricing and other information, and to benefit from the discounted transaction rates negotiated by the Church of England National Stewardship Team, your church must be a Parish Buying member. It’s free of charge, and you can register as a member on their website here.

Diocesan Card Reader Initiative

In October 2019, the Diocese of Ely launched a scheme to offer to pay for a contactless giving device for every church in the Diocese. Full details of this initiative were sent to PCC Treasurers (copied to Clergy and Churchwardens).

Our recommended card reader device can take contactless donations (up to £30, currently) offline, without Wi-Fi or phone signal at the point of transaction. The GoodBox Mini can also take Chip and Pin payments (to any value), but only with Wi-Fi or minimum 3G phone signal at the point of transaction.

A copy of the letter issued can be viewed here and the application form requesting a card reader can be downloaded here.

Kindly note that, in mid-2020, GoodBox revised its pricing structure and the Lite Package is no longer available. Details of the current GoodBox pricing arrangements are available from Martin Kenward (Projects and Development Officer), who is taking the lead on this initiative and is the point of contact for all correspondence, queries and application submissions.

Martin can be contacted by email here.

Contactless Giving for Mobile Phone users

Parish Buying have recently added a new supplier offering Mobile Phone Giving using a QR code. This is an inexpensive, versatile, and easy to set up option which will enable you to receive contactless donations from smartphone users in your church.

A QR code is a unique code made up of small black and white squares that can be read by the camera or a QR code reader on a smartphone. It can be printed on anything that you print on paper, such as a pew card, an order of service, parish magazine, poster, banner or card. More information can be found on the Parish Buying website here.

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