The importance of giving

Regular sustained giving is essential for a parish to be able to continue the life and ministry of the church in the local community. This page reminds us of just some of the things this giving supports, and why it is so important that church workers and office holders promote giving in their communities.

Why giving is so important

One of the largest costs a parish will face will be paying for its clergy (through Ministry Share) or paying for other church roles that a parish may be able to support, such as paid Children’s or Youth workers.

This video reminds us of what the Ministry Share contribution supports.

Other costs

On top of the core costs of paying for staff and clergy, parishes will also be required to pay for the ongoing bills that come from maintaining a church and church building, such as the electric, gas and insurance requirements.

In addition, parishes also raise financial support for unexpected building costs (e.g. storm damage to a roof), planned projects to enhance the church building (e.g. installing a W/C or new stained-glass window), and for the very many community and charitable causes churches so generously support.

It is the hard work and generosity of our church communities that enable all this work to continue and for the church to thrive as part of the local community. This is why it is so important parishes use the resources available to them to encourage generous giving, not only from their worshipping community, but also from the wider community.

Page last updated: Wednesday 16th June 2021 9:30 AM
First published on: 18th May 2020
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