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Bishop's Advisor for Wellbeing: Revd Philip Howson

Ely Diocese is committed to the wellbeing of all clergy and lay leaders serving within the Diocese. The Diocese seeks to enable and support the mutual flourishing of all people and recognises the place of wellbeing in enabling that.

As Bishop's Advisor for Wellbeing, Philip will play a key role in enabling promotion and integration of wellbeing across the diocese.

Philip’s journey to the role includes a background in commissioning and business change in Local Government, where he supported a whole lot of employee wellbeing work, as their roles, work and conditions changed within the difficult time of austerity, as well as previously having worked in homelessness and housing.

Blessed with two amazing grown-up children, a lovely partner and two funny dogs, Philip is currently adjusting to life as a new ‘empty-nester’, embracing the philosophy, “As long as there are good walks, good beer (or coffee) and a good internet connection, most everything seems to sort itself out.”.

Philip is growing a wise team around the Bishop’s Advisor role, so that they can work to shape the Diocesan provision appropriately. He says he is building on what is already in place, thanks to the already really good provision of support for clergy based on the Revd Sue Wyatt’s previous leadership. He is most looking forward to helping colleagues really learn the mind-sets needed for ministry to be sustainable, whilst also recognising the challenges this presents.

“There’s really good work to do in owning priestly identity; embracing the privileges and powers of being office holders; and navigating the balance between sacrifice, suffering and self-care. I am also hoping some of the thinking work we are doing may be embedded within IME2 training for curates, as I’d love for them to be inspired to develop healthy and sustainable personal habits even within the demands of their roles.”

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First published on: 28th June 2023
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