Terrier and Inventory and Church Logbook

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Terrier and Inventory and Church Logbook


Electronic versions of Terrier and Inventory and Church Logbook,


Terrier and Inventory and Church Logbook

Every church should keep an up-to-date list of its assets and significant occurrences within the building. 

The process of updating these documents has now been made easier with the publication of electronic versions of the templates for both the Terrier & Inventory* and the Logbook**. 

These documents are produced by the Council for the Care of Churches and are also sold by Church House Publishing as printed versions if you wish.

Please make sure that historic versions of these documents are lodged with the local archive.

Links to these files can be found below

Further Information

If you have any questions about the care or upkeep of your church buildings, please contact the Diocesan Church Buildings Department and someone from that team will be able to help.

  • * A terrier is a written survey, or inventory, of land (the word Terrier comes from the Latin terra, land). The inventory contains all the articles/items appertaining to the church. 
  • ** The logbook is a comprehensive record of all alterations, additions, removals or repairs to the fabric, fixtures and fittings of the church and churchyard, during five quinquennial periods.

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