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Departure Announcement: Revd Olivia Coles, Baptism+ Coordinator

On the 31 December 2019 we said farewell to the Rev Olivia Coles who has stepped down from the role of Baptism+ Coordinator, working within the Development team at the Diocese of Ely.

Olivia says; “It has been a joy to work for the Diocese over the last couple of years and a wonderful opportunity to meet with so many clergy and lay across the Diocese. I am really grateful to have been involved in encouraging and supporting baptism ministry; and especially the follow up with baptism families, alongside ‘joining the dots’ with U5’s ministry. I am passionate about ministry with families and will be continuing to focus on this, in my role as a parish priest. I hope that the soon to be published baptism toolkit will be a useful tool to inspire ministry and relationships with baptism families to develop and flourish. I will much miss working with a great team but delighted to still be part of the Diocese.”

To find out more about Baptism support materials for your church communities, please visit the Diocesan website Children’s Workers pages, overseen by Debbie Hill, which will direct you to more information.

Debbie Hill is the Diocesan “Development Officer: Children and their families”, and more about her role can be also be found clicking here.

Page last updated: Monday 6th January 2020 4:18 PM
First published on: 6th January 2020
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