Ministry Development Review

Ministry Development Review

The purpose of the Ministry Development Review (MDR) process is to give you an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on your ministry in the past year
  • Value and sustain your vocation
  • Refresh your calling in the Diocese of Ely.

It is intended to further your development to enable you, in your role, to have a healthy balance in your life and to be an effective leader in a changing church.

Its ethos is to provide support for you, to help you own the review process and to have a supportive dialogue with your reviewer.

The following values underlie the process:

  • Honesty
  • Self-reflection
  • Vulnerability
  • Grace
  • Attention to task
  • Working well together
  • Clarity

Who participates in the MDR scheme?

All licensed and beneficed clergy in the diocese participate.

For those holding a dual-role post with a parish responsibility, the MDR will focus on the parish aspect of your work while acknowledging that, with two defined roles to fulfil, each role will impact on the other.

Who are the reviewers?

All the reviewers are chosen by Bishop Stephen to represent him in his scheme.

They have been appointed because of their gifts and skills in listening to others, summarising and helping clergy to reflect on what has been said, as well as to set realistic working and personal goals, and deepen reflection on ministry.

The MDR reviewers are all church members. Year A reviewers are all members of the Bishop and Dean's staff team.

All the reviewers have been asked by the Bishop to offer their gifts to serve the diocese in this way. There is a basic expectation that MDR reviewers must be able to keep confidences and be relied on for their discretion. They will expect to work with you in a peer relationship.

Clergy review

Having reviewed our process, for clergy this now works on a three-year system.

Year A reviews concentrate on lifestyle, theological development, spirituality and vocation. These are carried out by the Bishop and Dean's staff.

Year B and C reviews focus on the outworking of your vocation in your context and are carried out by a team of clergy and lay people appointed by Bishop Stephen. Completion of external perspective is required for Year B.

Please see the handbook for further information. It is recommended that all clergy are trained in the use of the paperwork prior to their MDR taking place. Please contact the Department of Ministry for further information in regarding to training.

All the paperwork is available here to download:

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