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Climate Change: The Bishops share a call for action

Climate Change: The Bishops of Ely and Huntingdon reaffirm their commitment

Whilst the UK Government has established an aim to become net zero by 2050, the Church of England is aiming for net zero 20 years sooner – by 2030.

The Bishops of Ely and Huntingdon are now reaffirming their commitment to this process, highlighting the Church’s solidarity with communities across the globe impacted by climate change and the work it is doing to combat carbon emissions and move away from using fossil fuels.

You can read the full statement below

  • We recognise our shared responsibility in the over-use of global resources, which in turn generate the carbon emissions causing dangerous climate change and harm to nature.
  • We express our heartfelt compassion for and solidarity with the communities and people suffering from disasters caused or made worse by climate change and damage to the natural world. Many of those suffering the most are our brothers and sisters in the Global South.
  • The Diocese of Ely is developing a detailed plan to achieve net zero carbon, in accordance with the Church of England’s ‘Routemap to Net Zero’. We have begun work towards that objective.
  • The Ely Diocesan Board of Finance (EDBF) has now fully disinvested from all direct oil and mining companies.
  • We urge the Government, business and civil society urgently to join hands in this vital effort. We urge the Government in particular to rapidly complete the UK’s transition to net zero.
  • We call upon Christians and all who are concerned about the climate crisis and its devastating impacts to communicate this to their elected representatives at all administrative levels.
  • Finally, we pray to God to bless all our efforts, and we declare our sure and certain hope that our Creator will ultimately bring healing to this world.

The Rt Revd Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ely and the The Rt Revd Dr Dagmar Winter, Bishop of Huntingdon

April 2023


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First published on: 17th April 2023
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