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Dress like an animal day - Courageous Advocacy at Park Street School

Courageous Advocacy

Park Street School

A group of four children have been championing Courageous Advocacy at Park Street. The group interviewed a selection of children across the school to find out about charities they would like to raise money for, then researched the possibilities on the internet. Working in consultation with the other children, they decided on World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Each of the school houses then worked together to use recycled materials to make an endangered animal model - a panda, polar bear, rhino and turtle. Subsequently, they organised a 'dress like an animal day' where the children all gave a donation to do this, aiming to raise £144 so that each house could sponsor an animal. They totally smashed their fundraising goal, raising £160 in total! You can see more photos of their Courageous Advocacy project on the school website.


Page last updated: Wednesday 20th September 2023 2:07 PM
First published on: 4th August 2023
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