DAC meetings and deadlines

There can be up to 50 agenda items for consideration at each meeting.

To enable us to manage the workload and provide information to DAC members in advance, we ask for all papers and information to be submitted a fortnight in advance of the meeting at which the work or project will be considered.

Similarly, whilst we aim to provide feedback (both informal and Notifications of Advice) as quickly as possible, we ask parishes to allow a period of approximately 10 days after each DAC meeting before contacting your case worker in the Church Buildings and Pastoral Department - by which time you should have received an indication of the outcome.

More complex cases usually require a site visit. These will be arranged as an when required throughout the year. 

DAC Meeting Dates in 2023

Meeting Date Time Venue Papers Deadline Date Feedback Required
Thursday 2 February 2.00pm Remote 19 January 2023 16 February 2023
Thursday 23 March 2.00pm TBC 9 March 2023 6 April 2023
Thursday 18 May 2.00pm Remote 4 May 2023 1 Mune 2023
Thursday 27 July 2.00pm TBC 13 July 2023 10 August 2023
Thursday 21 September 2.00pm Remote 7 September 2023 5 October 2023
Thursday 30 November 2.00pm TBC 16 November 2023 14 December 2023


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