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iKnowChurch - Everything under one roof

iKnowChurch provide Church Management Software, providing all the tools you might need under one roof. If you have not yet explored what they might be able to offer, now could be the time.

Some of the key features the iknowChurch team outline on their website are included below:


  • From managing your contact list, to events, rotas and finance. There are many different administration tasks that need to happen to make the wheels of a church keep turning. You can find the tools to help within iKnow.  


  • It’s beneficial to look at the big picture and we want to give you a helping hand with that. Your church leadership can use our reporting and stats tools, as well as have oversight of your church people.

Pastoral Care

  • Caring for your people is at the heart of all church leader’s calling. We’ve developed tools such as journey tracking, relationships, groups and networks to help you do this. Use iKnow to ensure no church visitor or member goes unnoticed.


  • To get straight to the point, sometimes church communication can be messy. Centralise all of your church communication to be sure noone will end up with their wires crossed. Use our communication suite for Text Messages, Emails and Mail Merge


  • iKnow Church can be your complete Donations solution. Accept donations by card or direct debit, claim Gift Aid from HMRC and generate giving statements for your donors.

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First published on: 26th April 2023
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