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National Churches Trust: All Grants Now Open

The National Churches Trust paused its grant programmes in 2022 in order to launch a new strategy and grant database this year.  Medium Grants, is the last of the three programmes to re-open;  the deadline for applications is the 4th May 2023.

Medium Grants (previously called Gateway)

Medium Grants (previously called Gateway) offers grants of between £3,000 and £10,000 towards urgent and essential maintenance and repair projects costing between £20,000 and £80,000 incl. VAT and fees. It will also support project development and investigative work up to RIBA planning stage 1, to help churches preparing for a major project, and in developing their project to the point at which they can approach a major grant funder. Grants will never exceed 50% of the net project costs (for this phase). There will be one further 2023 deadline, date TBC.

Large Grants (previously Cornerstone)

Large Grants (previously Cornerstone) is now a two-stage application process. The next Stage 1 deadline is the 4th July; you will be notified of the deadline for Stage 2 if you pass Stage 1.

This programme offers the Trust’s largest grants of up to £50,000 towards the cost of major urgent structural repair projects costed at more than £80,000 including VAT. Grants of £40,000 to £50,000 are extremely limited and reserved for cases which demonstrate a very high case for investment.

The Trust will also consider projects that introduce kitchens and accessible toilets to enable increased community use, costed at more than £30,000 including VAT. Grants will never exceed 50% of the project cost.

Small Grants (previously Foundation)

Small Grants (previously Foundation) offers grants of between £500 and £5,000 towards urgent maintenance works and small repairs identified as high priority within a recent Quinquennial Inspection, Building Survey or Condition Report. Also, small investigative works and surveys. Project costs should be up to £20,000 incl. VAT and awards will never exceed 50% of the costs. Applications will be assessed bi-monthly from April 2023 (pausing after October 2023, and resuming in February 2024).  The deadline for the next meeting is the 27th April.

To be eligible for all the grant programmes you must:

  • ensure the church building is open to the public for a minimum of 100 days a year beyond worship use (or will be following project completion).
  • have already raised at least 50% of the total project cost.
  • have a qualified professional, with conservation accreditation leading the project.
  • have at least two quotes for work.
  • have all necessary permissions in place before applying.
  • ensure the project has not started and will not start until a grant offer is formally made and accepted.

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First published on: 24th April 2023
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