Mission and Ministry Team

Please find below further information and contact details for the Mission and Ministry Team. The team are further supported by a number of other advisors, both lay and ordained, who work throughout the Diocese to serve our common mission and ministry.

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General Enquiries

If you’re unsure who to contact for a query or request or anything else, please email missionandministry@elydiocese.org. This email address is checked daily and your email will be re-routed appropriately to the correct person or people.

Director for Mission and Ministry

Revd Peter Leech

Peter leads the Mission and Ministry team, in work focusing on Leadership Development, Parish Innovation, Community Mission and Administrative Support. As interim Director for Mission and Ministry, Peter is focused on further developing the work of the Diocesan team as an accessible resource, that serves the needs of the communities and places across the Diocese, and multiplies good practice.

Diocesan Director of Ordinands (DDO)

Revd David Newton


Our Diocesan Director of Ordinands (DDO) supports the discernment process for ordinands and their training programmes. This includes co-operating with local theological training providers as well as developing the work according to the selection framework of the Church of England. Find out more about ordained ministry possibilities.

Initial Ministerial Education (IME2) Training Officer

Revd Steve Rothwell steven.rothwell@elydiocese.org

Initial Ministerial Education (IME2) and our curate training scheme is led by the Revd Steve Rothwell as Curate Training Officer. Steve also liaises with and co-ordinates development with our team of training incumbents. Steve is also Vicar of St James in Cambridge, and Vicar of the Benefice. Find out more about Initial Ministerial Education.

Support for Vocations

Revd David Sheppard david.sheppard@elydiocese.org

Support for Vocations is provided by the Revd David Sheppard, who offers formational development from early vocational footsteps into more formal lay or ordained ministerial journeys. David’s substantive role is Priest-in-Charge of St Mary’s Buckden with the Offords. Find out more about vocations.

Diocesan Director of Lay Ministry (DDLM)

Revd Dr Julie Norris

Working closely alongside the DDO is our Diocesan Director of Lay Ministry (DDLM), the Revd Dr Julie Norris. Julie is leading the selection, training and development of Licensed (LLM) and Authorised (ALM) Lay Ministry, and thus working with local training providers and national initiatives. Find out more about vocations.

Lay Training Officer

Revd Dr Jonny Torrance


As Lay Training Officer, Jonny Torrance oversees the training of LLMs. Working closely with the DDLM, the Warden of Readers and our training partners, Jonny makes sure LLMs are fully supported through their training - both before and after licensing - and that the training we offer is of the highest quality. Find out more about lay ministry training.

Warden of LLMs
(Warden of Readers)

Cathy Watts

In support of the DDO and DDLM, Cathy Watts (LLM) is our Warden of LLMs (Warden of Readers). The Warden of LLMs (Warden of Readers) is an important contributor to the selection, development, training and ministry of Licensed Lay Ministers in the Diocese. In doing so they also represent their important voice, and underpins the effective collaborative working relationships between LLMs and their incumbents and ministry teams. Find out more about LLMs.

Development Officer: Learning

Revd Mark Rodel

As Development Officer for Learning, the Revd Mark Rodel leads our work to support the new forms of missional activity, including advocacy, oversight, facilitation and accompaniment, supporting new forms of pioneer ministry and the discernment of new mixed models of team ministry. Mark also heads up the new Open Christian Learning project, giving a quality-assured approach for all our blended delivery models of training and development.

Development Officer: Youth and Families

Mike Kelly

Heading up our ambition to be younger and more diverse, Mike Kelly is our Development Officer for Youth (11-18) and Families. Mike provides advice to parishes and clergy, specialist ALM/LLM accreditation, youth workers network development, church group establishment, and training resource creation. Mike is also an important advocate for youth and an advisor on Mental Health First Aid as a qualified practitioner. Find out more about working with Young People and Families.

Development Officer: Children and Families

Ruth New

Ruth New is our Development Officer for Children (0-11) and Families. Ruth's role is to create vision, resource, equip, train and encourage those working with children in the Diocese. Find out more about working with Children and Families.

Development Officer: School Mission

Revd Mandy Flaherty

As part of the important integration of Education with Mission and Ministry, The Revd Mandy Flaherty is our Development Officer for School Mission. Mandy develops the links between our parishes and our schools and academies, particularly through the Parish-School Covenant, advising and supporting ordained & lay ministry in their support of schools. Mandy also supports the Authorised Chaplaincy Assistant course, and provides resource support for collective worship, and advises on theological support and advice at times of critical incidents in schools.

Development Officer: Communications

Holli Bielby

Sitting within the Mission and Ministry Team, Holli Bielby integrates Communications into all aspects of our work - sharing good news stories from across the Diocese, promoting training opportunities, sharing good practice and signposting to resources. Find more News, Jobs and Events.

PA to the Director of Mission and Ministry

Wendy Ivey

Wendy Ivey provides support for training coordination including administration, communication, event support, alongside database management, and curation of the important and very popular Sunday Morning Resources.

Operations Support Team Administrator

Sophie Smith

Sophie provides administrative support for training coordination including administration, communication, event support (pre-event and on-the-day), alongside database management. Sophie also supports the Diocesan Director of Lay Ministry (DDLM) with Lay Vocations administration.

Operations Support Team Administrator

Alison Baker

Working within the Vocations team - whose job it is to journey with people exploring God’s call on their lives - Alison offers administrative support to the Diocesan Director of Ordinands and the IME2 Officer.

Bishop's Advisors

The following list provides the contact email for the various Bishop's Advisors that support the Bishops and Diocesan Clergy. The support these Advisors provide is central to the delivery of the work of the Mission and Ministry team.

The role of a Bishop’s Advisor is to:

  • provide support, practical information, links and resources for clergy and laity
  • speak into and help formulate diocesan processes, policies and procedures
  • raise awareness and engagement across the Diocese
  • be able to provide up to date information and advice for the Bishops within the diocese to equip them in their role
  • be an advocate for the needs of specific groups of people and areas of ministry within the Diocese to ensure that, as a Diocese, we continue to be able to engage, grow and deepen
  • represent the Diocese at relevant conferences and organisations as agreed

Further information will be added to this section when it becomes available.

Bishop's Advisor for Climate

Revd Imogen Nay


As Bishop's Advisor for Climate, Imogen helps to integrate work which focuses on addressing Climate issues from a Christian faith perspective, supports and advocate for all such measures and plans that enable and promote the safeguarding of creation, and encourages active theological and spiritual reflection on issues around the environment. More about Imogen. More about Environment and Sustainability in the Diocese of Ely.

Bishop's Advisor for Disability

Sue Nelms


As Bishop’s Advisor for Disability, Sue works with the Mission and Ministry team and others to support and advocate for all such measures and plans that enable and promote full inclusion and participation for disabled people within the Church. More about Sue. More about Disability and Church.

Bishop's Advisor for Gypsy, Roma, Traveller Community

Revd Sue Butler


As Bishop’s Advisor for the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Community, Sue is a point of contact for and signpost to resources supporting mission and ministry with the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community, providing the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community perspective as work develops and evolves. Sue's work will support parishes to become Gypsy, Traveller and Roma friendly churches.

Bishop's Advisor for Healing

Revd Alasdair Coles


As Bishop's Advisor for Healing, the Rev'd Alasdair Coles encourages our churches to be seen as places of healing and helps to facilitate this process. Alasdair, along with other members of the Ely Diocese Healing Advisory group, offers support to parishes as they explore the various aspects of the Christian healing ministry in their own unique situation. More about the Ministry of Healing.


Bishop's Advisor for Healthcare Chaplaincy

Revd Keith Morrison


Recognising the wholistic nature of the Christian faith whereby healing and wholeness incorporates the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of each individual within the diocese, the Bishop's Advisor for Healthcare Chaplaincy will work to raise awareness of the needs of those in the Health Care sector and seek opportunities for closer engagement, and encourage, as appropriate, active theological and spiritual reflection on health and wholeness. More on hospital and hospice chaplaincy.

Bishop's Advisor for Inter-Faith

Revd Devin McLachlan


As Bishop's Advisor for Inter-faith, Devin encourages and facilitates interfaith connections between our church communities and local non-Christian faith groups, as well as celebrating the interfaith connections that are already in place across the diocese. More about Devin

Bishop's Advisor for Racial Justice

Canon Richard Darmody


As Interim Bishop’s Advisor for Racial Justice, Richard guides and advises, especially in the significant wider agenda of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, ensuring that UKME/GMH matters are not considered in isolation. Richard will work to develop ways to address the issue of increasing UKME/GMH Ordinands, Clergy and Lay Ministers as well UKME/GMH representation on our various governing bodies, ranging from Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) to Diocesan Boards and Committees. More about Richard

Bishop's Advisor for Rural Ministry

Rachel Blanchflower


As Bishop’s Advisor for Rural Ministry, Rachel supports the Bishop and senior staff in discerning a strategic response to the needs of the churches in rural contexts across the Diocese and the communities they serve. Rachel also provides an appropriate level of support for parishes who are seeking to respond to the challenges and opportunities present within a rural context. Rachel's work with the Mission and Ministry team and the Rural Mission and Ministry Group will help to facilitate new approaches to ministry. More about rural mission and ministry in the Diocese of Ely.


Bishop's Advisor for Self-Supporting Ordained Ministry

Revd Amanda O'Neill


As Bishop’s Advisor for Self-Supporting Ministry, Amanda supports the Bishop in ensuring the ongoing care and flourishing of those who are ordained and in active ministry, but who do not receive a stipend. Amanda also provides an appropriate level of support for SSMs (SSOMs) in different contexts and is able to signpost to other places where support can be accessed. More about SSOM.

Bishop's Advisor for Spirituality

Revd James Shakespeare


Recognising the importance of enabling the deepening of an individual’s commitment to God through word, worship and prayer and the role that it plays in supporting and facilitating parishes in this, the Bishop's Advisor for Spirituality will keep prayer and the deepening of relationship with God central in the life and work of the diocese. James will lead and coordinate the work of the Spirituality Advisory Group, cooperating with others in order for spiritual development to be a core element of ministry across the Diocese, and encourage, as appropriate, active theological and spiritual reflection on spirituality. More about Prayer and SpiritualityResources for Spiritual refreshment for clergy.

Bishop's Advisor for Urban Estates

Revd Ruth Clay


As Bishop's Advisor for Urban Estates, Ruth will reflect upon the challenges of poverty and inequality encountered within the Diocese and inform discussion within Diocesan governance structures. Ruth will be a point of contact and signpost to resources for use in ministry, facilitate a strategy group of lay and ordained practitioners in order to map current and future required work, and work with others to provide opportunities for practitioners to share, reflect and learn together.

Providing an ‘Urban Estates perspective’ as work develops and evolves, Ruth will help provide opportunities with others from Estate Congregations to reflect on their mission and engage with the challenges and needs of their community, link with the National Estate Churches Network and disseminate information, and be the Diocesan link with the Church Urban Fund. More about Urban Estates.

Bishop's Advisor for Wellbeing

Revd Philip Howson


Playing a key role in enabling promotion and integration of wellbeing across the diocese, the Bishop’s Advisor for Wellbeing will help to integrate work which focusses on the wellbeing of clergy and lay leaders, be a point of contact and signpost to resources supporting wellbeing in ministry, and encourage active theological and spiritual reflection on wellbeing. More about Philip.

As part of the Mission and Ministry Team, Philip will provide the ‘wellbeing perspective’ as work develops and evolves, chair and coordinate the work of the Wellbeing Task Group and work with the Mission and Ministry team and the Wellbeing Task Group to facilitate a strategic, coordinated and sustainable approach to wellbeing in ministry. More about Clergy wellbeing.

Bishop's Advisor for Women's Ministry



Our Bishop’s Advisor for Women's Ministry represents the needs and circumstances of ordained women as a member of the Bishop's Senior Staff team. Her role as Advisor is to promote the full inclusion of women with the following three priorities:

  • Encouraging young vocations (under 32 years)
  • Supporting well-being and aspiration for women in ministry at every level
  • Monitoring the Diocese of Ely for gender balance, transparency, good practice, policies, habits and ethos

More about Women's Ministry.


Bishop's Advisor for World Mission

Revd Canon Fiona Brampton


As part of the Anglican Communion, Ely Diocese values the relationship it has with churches and organisations around the world. It recognises the call to work beyond the diocesan boundaries in seeking to join with others to challenge global injustice and share the Good News of the Gospel. The Bishop’s Advisor for World Mission will:

  • be a resource and signpost for all those who are seeking to develop their engagement in World Mission.
  • work with others to support and advocate for World Mission, including supporting and developing the Diocesan companion links with other dioceses.
  • facilitate a ‘World Mission’ network/forum across the diocese to support and develop the work. 

More about World Links.

Bishop's Advisor on Ecumenical Matters

Revd Sarah Gower


The Anglican Church encourages relationships between local churches of different traditions. In most places, a great deal of goodwill may already exist between congregations - Methodist, Roman Catholics, Baptists - along with varying levels of informal contact. The Bishop's Advisor on Ecumenical Matters advises on how churches can form strong and positive relations, to serve their communities, share their mission, resources, worship buildings and ministry. More about Ecumenical working.

Bishop's Advisor for Homelessness

Kristian Hewett Homelessness.advisor@elydiocese.org

The Bishop's Advisor for Homelessness helps equip churches to respond creatively to issues of homelessness and to develop a ministry within the homeless and street-life community. More about Homelessness.


Bishop's Advisor for New Housing

Revd Beth Cope


Ely Diocese is committed to providing a Christian presence in every community and seeks to respond positively and appropriately to new housing developments (of all sizes). The Diocese recognises the need for a variety of responses that are contextually led and seeks to equip and empower local leadership.

The Bishop’s Advisor for New Housing supports the Bishops and senior staff in discerning a strategic response to new housing developments across the Diocese, provide an appropriate level of support for parishes who are seeking to respond to the challenges of new housing, work to facilitate the New Housing Strategy Group and provide the ‘New Housing perspective’ as work develops and evolves. More on new housing in Ely Diocese.

Bishop's Officer for Resilience in Conflict

Revd Ruth Adams


As Bishop's Officer for Resilience in Conflict, Ruth provides training in Resilience in Conflict for Clergy. More wellbeing contacts for clergy .

Confidential Clergy Counselling Advisor

Bruce Kinsey


Bruce offers confidential counselling for clergy.


Coordinator for Spiritual Direction

Revd Canon Jane Keiller


We all need companions on the pilgrimage of life and it can be helpful to have someone walking alongside us in our spiritual journey, such as a ‘spiritual director’ or ‘soul friend’.

Spiritual direction is the ministry of listening, reflecting and encouraging, and is always confidential. The Diocese can help you find the right person to accompany you not just when there are particular challenges in your ministry, but in the day- to-day journey of prayer and service. More about spiritual direction.


Retired Clergy Officer

Revd Canon Gill Jessop



If you’re unsure who to contact, simply email missionandministry@elydiocese.org and it will find its way to the right person.

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