Key Indicators

2. Key Indicators

We believe that growth for Christian communities is both spiritual and numerical.

Growth can be understood in three dimensions:

(i) In the numbers of those coming to and returning to faith

(ii) In deepening faith &

(iii) In Kingdom service

We want to see growth in all these three dimensions: in size, in depth and in service.

Although challenging and approximate we believe it important that each of these three indicators are measurable.

Seeking to measure mission initiatives does not necessarily mean a reduction in our appreciation of humanity, of contextual challenges or to diminish our calling but comes from a deep desire to be true to our highest calling : to share God's love widely and extravagantly and to make disciples who give themselves in service of the world for the sake of the kingdom.

In short, as Christians, we want to make a difference and we want to see human beings flourish.

Using measurement well can encourage a culture of human flourishing. There is strong evidence that the more thought that is given to the aims and outcomes of a project the more successful it is likely to be in realising these aims.