Training and Learning

There are a wide variety of training and development needs across the Diocese. You can explore theses options in the section and pages below.

Essential Training

Some of the training offered will be an essential requirement of the role. For example, if you hold a church role it is probable that you will be required to have achieved at least one formal safeguarding training course (C0). Most formal parish roles will indeed require further levels of training to also be completed in addition to this basic C0 module.

Similarly, to become, for example, a Churchwarden, Authorised Lay Minister, Licensed Lay Minister or Ordained member of the Clergy, there will be training and personal development requirements of these roles prior to taking office.

Generally speaking, once holding these offices there will also then be an ongoing requirement to continue and or renew certain requirements, (for example clergy are expected to continue lifelong personal development, known as Continuing Ministerial Development).

Optional personal development

There are also a wide range of options to support role holders to develop their understanding of areas ranging from administrative matters of church care, through to dealing with conflict management to developing digital communication skills.

Explore your training options further

The sections below help you navigate to the relevant website pages, depending on your role or the type of training or personal development you’re looking to explore.

Safeguarding Training

First published on: 28th May 2020

The Diocese of Ely Safeguarding team offer a number of training courses to help ensure our staff and volunteers meet all the requirements of their role.

Contacting the Mission and Ministry (Development) Team

First published on: 28th May 2020

Training courses, Bishop Study Days and seminars, aside from those offered by the Safeguarding team, are typically managed by the Development Team: Mission and Ministry. View this page to access contact details for how to contact the team for more information.

Visit the Diocese of Ely online booking portal

First published on: 28th May 2020

Courses offered specifically by Diocesan teams, usually for existing church role holders, are typically added to our online booking portal.

Clergy Development

First published on: 28th May 2020

Clergy undergo routine development through paths including Initial Ministerial Development (IMD) Phase 2, Ministry Development Review and Continuing Ministerial Development.

Growing in Faith Development

First published on: 28th May 2020

Those wishing to explore the development options available to them to grow their faith including exploring doing a discipleship course or choosing a path to becoming an ALM, LLM or being fully ordained.

Church House Webinars

First published on: 28th May 2020

The team at Church House frequently host webinars to help church workers and volunteers develop their skills.

Receive email updates

First published on: 28th May 2020

Frequently courses, not necessarily hosted by Diocesan staff, will be advertised by the teams to those who might be interested.

Calendar of Events

First published on: 28th May 2020

The Diocese will often add events to its calendar of events, which may include speaker training events being offered by other organisations.

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