Pastoral Assistant ALM Course

Training for Authorised Lay Ministers as Pastoral Assistants, to Facilitate Good and Safe Practice in General Pastoral Care within the Church and Community

Looking at ten different areas of need and different models of pastoral care

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Course outline

Session 1: Introduction - Wellness and Flourishing

  • We ask 'Why do people suffer? What is needed from us when we visit people?'.
  • Pastoral Model - The Interpreter of Human Stories

Session 2: What is attentive listening?   

  • We look at the theory and practice of attentive listening.
  • Pastoral Model - The Listener

Session 3: Disability

  • 'Ordinary lives in unconventional bodies'.  How do we facilitate change for people with disabilities?
  • Pastoral Model - The Ascetic Witness

Session 4: Developing Healthy Relationships

  • We look at this in the context of making, breaking, and restoring them.  
  • Pastoral Model - The Wounded Healer

Session 5: Families and How to Survive Them 

  • We look at the stresses and challenges in family relationships.
  • Pastoral Model - The Midwife

Session 6: Failure in Love

  • We seek to understand power dynamics, and finding ways to love without harm, or prejudice.
  • Pastoral Model - The Good Samaritan

Session 7: Well-being and Mental Health

  • Promoting resilience and building communities which can offer scaffolding to people. 
  • Pastoral Model - The Gardener

Session 8: Holding on and Letting go

  • Considering bereavement, loss, and growth after trauma.
  • Pastoral Model – The Clown

Session 9: Challenging a Rhetoric of Tragedy

  • Seeking a flourishing life for those who are cognitively impaired and who have dementia. 
  • Pastoral Model - The Agent of Hope

Session 10: Transition and Moving On

  • Change Happens while Transition is Made.
  • Pastoral Model - The Good Shepherd

Hearing from an ALM

Chris Downes is a Pastoral ALM in Chatteris. Listen to what he says about his vocation and ministry and some of the stories he tells about what it’s like to be a Pastoral ALM in the Diocese of Ely.

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First published on: 4th July 2023
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