Memories from Sue Barclay

I have to confess that trying to remember an event which took place 30 years ago was quite a challenge for my rusty brain. However, after reflecting over a few days, three positive things stand out. My fellow deaconesses meeting up with such a varied and stimulating group of colleagues was a wonderful experience. Each one had an interesting story to tell of her own personal journey.

The support of my incumbent the Revd Peter Baxendale and the congregation at St Wendreda's in March who had hired a large coach to come to the ordination service. Afterwards I went to thank them for their support, one lady beamed at me and said,We felt very proud of you”. Ruth Wintle our retreat leader, who pointed out that allowing women to be ordained as deacons was a very significant step for the church as a whole. Looking back, I can see that April 4th 1987 was the turning point for women in the Church in this diocese.

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