Information on Foodbanks in the Diocese of Ely

Sadly, there are many people who through a variety of reasons find themselves unable to provide food for themselves and their families.

Foodbanks exist to provide emergency food to those in need. On production of a voucher from a local referring agency such as CAB, a doctors surgery or a Housing Association they can receive three days food for themselves and their dependant families. Foodbanks also provide a listening ear to help people in crisis break the cycle of poverty. Many Foodbanks are run by the Trussell Trust, although some are independent.

How you might be able to help

If you don't feel able to open a Foodbank in your church, you can still support the existing Foodbanks.

Here are some of the ways we can all help;

  • Virtually all the churches in the diocese support Foodbanks by providing food, which is great, but they do run short from time to time. Why not keep an eye on your local Foodbank website to see what the needs are in your area. Some Foodbanks do 'emailshots ', why not ask to be included on their distribution list so your church can respond quickly when there is a shortage?
  • Foodbanks are trying to expand the range of goods they provide including toiletries, and other domestic goods which they may need to buy in. So why not check periodically with your local Foodbank as to what their current needs are? They may want non-food goods or money to buy them. Alternatively, they may need stuff such as office equipment to support their services.
  • Consider volunteering. Part of the service Foodbanks offer is to provide a non-judgmental listening ear, but also to help their clients on the next step out of poverty. Training is provided for volunteers, but if you feel unable to do that, maybe there are other jobs your Foodbank centre would value help with - such as packing food parcels or storing donated food.
  • Most important of all pray - that food hunger will be eradicated in our time, but meantime for the Foodbank centres in your area and their clients.

Foodbanks in the Diocese of Ely

The Trussell Trust

  • The Trussell Trust has the aim to end hunger and poverty in the UK. They support a nationwide network of food banks and together they provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.
  • Find a foodbank near you.

Other food charity centres

St Ives Foodbank

Foodcycle/Cambridge Hub

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First published on: 16th July 2019
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