Clergy Wellbeing Survey 2019

This report is part of the continuing work on clergy wellbeing in the Diocese of Ely from 2014-2019.

The aim is to determine what encourages the flourishing of the clergy, and therefore the health of the church, and to provide guidance and, where possible, take actions to promote such flourishing.

It is encouraging to see that clergy wellbeing within the Diocese has an increasingly high profile and receives the attention it deserves through the work of the Bishop’s Clergy Wellbeing Forum and its Research Team.


2016 Survey

In 2016, the Research Team devised a second survey to the June 2014 original one, which was more tailored to the local context and needs of the Ely Diocese. This had a more targeted focus on exploring clergy perceptions of what helps/hinders their wellbeing. The intention was to offer the clergy of Ely Diocese an opportunity to give direct observations concerning their wellbeing with the overall aim of learning more about what could be done at diocesan and local levels to promote and support wellbeing, e.g. through the development of a support programme and the sharing of helpful practices.

 A total of 72 licensed clergy from a range of different backgrounds and contexts across the diocese completed a questionnaire. This gathered their perceptions about the specific things that helped or hindered their personal and professional wellbeing. 

The report was being distributed to all clergy via the Department of Ministry and is available in two versions - the full 48-page report and a summary version of 12 pages. Both versions can be downloaded via the links below:


Managing Ministry Pressure Better Survey - 2014

The Managing Ministry Pressure Better Survey was only one source of information in the Diocese of Ely about clergy wellbeing. It was by no means definitive, but it has been an effective tool in the identification of where the greatest pressures are felt, and an aid to setting priorities in resourcing clergy wellbeing.

Whilst some things can be addressed in a short timeframe, many of the issues raised are indicative of the need for longer term changes of ethos and attitude.


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First published on: 16th April 2019
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