Foundations for Ministry

Foundations for Ministry is a 1-year non-accredited course delivered by the Eastern Region Ministry Course (ERMC)

This course is both for those already exercising, or looking to exercise, a leadership role in an area of ministry in their local church, such as leading Bible study or prayer groups or children’s ministry, and also for those exploring a vocation to licensed lay ministry (LLM) or ordained ministry in the Church of England. It is a requirement for those who are wanting to become a Preacher ALM or hoping to start training for LLM. It serves as a good preparation for further training and (re-)introduction to the academic side of ministry training.  The course will enable participants to develop their biblical and theological understanding and consider this in relation to issues and situations that affect individuals and communities.

The Course

There are 3 modules, 1 module per term. Each with a specific focus:

  • Module 1 – exploring set texts from Isaiah 40-55 and Matthew’s gospel;
  • Module 2 – development of Christian beliefs in the early church looking particularly at Augustine of Hippo, and then the church in modern decades;
  • Module 3 – exploring issues that affect individuals, groups, churches, local communities and the wider world and how we shine the light and hope of Christ into these situations.

Whilst these are specific areas of focus, the course keeps the Bible, Christian beliefs and ministry in view throughout.


Sessions are delivered online and include introductory material, case studies, theological reflections, as well as podcasts and videos. The material is made available each week of term, so participants can access the session at any time in the week, whenever is most convenient. It is estimated that the material delivered takes 1 hour to work through and there is around 2 hours of additional reading per week. Students do say that some sessions take a little longer than others. There is an online discussion forum which students are asked to contribute to each week. In this forum a topic for discussion, which relates to the session, is set as a starter. There will be a piece of work to be submitted for each module.

We have found that many students welcome further interaction with a tutor and with each other. There are 5 evening sessions each term which give an opportunity to talk about the sessions and discuss ideas. These take place using zoom.

If a student is less confident in their academic ability, we will offer mentoring and support.


For more information, an application form or an informal chat about the course, please contact

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