The Clewer Initiative

The Clewer Initiative is enabling Church of England dioceses and wider Church networks to develop strategies to detect modern slavery in their communities and help provide victim support and care.

"The Clewer Initiative believe that the tools to end modern slavery already exist within the local community and that the Church, which is present in all communities and at the heart of many, has a primary responsibility in leading these efforts".

The Clewer Initiative is the national work of the Church of England to combat modern slavery. Beginning initially in 2016 they have now obtained funding to continue until 2030 from the Clewer sisters. More formally known as the Order of St John the Baptist, the Clewer sisters are an order of Anglican nuns who donate generously to causes related to the eradication of human trafficking.

The Clewer Initiative exist to raise awareness and mobilise the Church and communities to take action against modern slavery, to promote victim identification and to provide victim care and support.

Nationally, project include the Safe Car Wash App and the Farm Work Welfare App - two innovative solutions helping to address the issue of modern slavery in hand car washes and seasonal labour in the fresh produce supply chain. They have also created a range of successful online courses and training resources to help teach appropriate groups about specific areas of modern slavery and community resilience.

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First published on: 6th June 2022
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