Developing a church vocation

Developing a church vocation

There are many ways to serve your local church. You might like to simply try volunteering for different things, and then see whether you enjoy it and whether it brings you a sense of satisfaction.

Also there are more formal licensed and authorised ministries for lay people:-

And then this is Ordained Ministry, which can take many different forms. 

Some people may feel they're being called to a monastic order, or to be a missionary...

To help you keep exploring, try all or some of these things:-

  • Talk it through with friends
  • Talk it through with your Minister
  • Try the Growing as a Disciple Course
  • Contact the Vocations Team by emailing They will first arrange for you to be booked on to a Vocations Course and then ask you for a little preliminary paperwork. During or after the Vocations Course you will be able to ask for a Vocations Adviser (VA). Our team of VAs, both lay and ordained, will help you explore and prepare for discernment events for particular ministries in more details. This does not necessarily have to lead to that ministry - but we hope whatever happens it will give you a new ‘vision’ for a role in your church, community, work, or home.

Contact the Vocations Team

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